Recent splurge

Husband look away now!

Kate Spade had a sale. So I broke my parcel forwarding cherry and splashed out on a dress and bag.


Stefania dress in cream and midnight


Montrose Elena in navy patent

I hope it isn’t as black as it appears in this photo.

I only wish I had been able to purchase when the AUD was worth more!



It got to 5pm before I realised I hadn’t organised anything for dinner. The Vogue Forums came through for me with inspiration and I went to Woolies for the five ingredients for this dish:

Nigella Lawson’s Spanish Chicken


We used free range lovely legs, one red onion, 500gm potatoes, 250gm chorizo and dried thyme instead of oregano. Seriously easy, chuck everything in a pan and bake for 1 hour stirring once.

D did all the chopping for me while I smothered my daughter in kisses for 30 minutes. She giggles when I kiss her ears so I do it a lot. She’s also very clever and points to things when you say “Where’s your nose?” or “belly?”



Served it with steamed broccoli and some more of that great Verdelho courtesy of my dad. It was delish and the house still smells great hours later.

My husband wins hands down. Sorry. I know I write a lot of these posts but I had such a lovely weekend.

I came home from High Tea on Saturday and he’d cleaned the house, done the washing, occupied the Little Girl AND THEN he cooked an amazing seafood risotto for dinner that went so well with an easy-drinking Hunter Valley Verdelho my dad had given us to try.

THEN, I got to sleep in til 8:30am for Mothers’ Day. I was woken by a Little Girl who had a beautiful card she made at daycare and bagels for breakfast.

We had a nice morning at the Mall for coffees and a spot of shopping. Everything went downhill from there but that wasn’t D’s fault. The poor Little Girl couldn’t sleep because she was coughing and spluttering and the rest of the day was a bit difficult. Otherwise, a great weekend!

I have been going to the gym of an evening during the week. D has been really supportive; nagging me to go and encouraging and rewarding me when I do go.

Tonight, he made our favourite salmon dinner:


Beautiful presentation!

It’s the small things that make me feel so lucky. Love you, Husband!

Independent play

Cutest thing ever:


That tongue is permanently between those little lips when concentrating on an important task like running, climbing or lining up toys on a flat surface. If you know my Father in Law well you know where this habit has come from. D is guilty of it too when he’s concentrating. It’s just unfortunate I don’t have the photos on my phone to prove it.

Happy Monday all!

After a busy week at work before Easter and a serious virus that knocked me for six over the long weekend, I’m finally back!

Thanks for all the comments and I’m loving everyone’s latest posts!

Good Friday morning was the last time I felt ok. We went to the beach and C was so excited!


Before Easter it was our 3 year wedding anniversary; THREE YEARS! I know we’ve done a lot in that time but gosh it
makes me feel like time is slipping through my fingers.

Mid-week anniversary meant that it was take away and a Tas sparkling on the evening after work.


Didn’t even bother to tidy the background.

To celebrate ‘properly’ we having date night at the theatre this Thursday. Bell is doing Macbeth at the Opera House. Miss Holly is doing the night time routine with C and we’re meeting at Opera Bar for drinks and pizza before the show. Macbeth is my favourite Shakespeare so I’m pretty excited!

In other news, I’ve gone mad buying nail polish and make up. Oz Sale
and Brands Exclusive have had a few good sales lately. I’m also quite seriously looking at this Vila dress on Asos and some navy rights to match.


What do you think? I’m worried about the orange/red but it’s so cheap it might be worth the risk.

The Weekend

After going out on Monday night and feeling pretty sorry for myself on Tuesday, I thought the week would drag. But I was quite busy at work and so it seemed to fly.

The last week or so Little Girl has been waking in the night a lot. On Monday night, because I’d been drinking I could feel that I wasn’t going to sleep properly anyway, so when the Little Girl cried out I went in and returned her dummy and patted her til she settled. This happened a few times during the night and was probably half the reason I felt so poorly the next day.

Tuesday night was not so bad; only waking twice in the night. Wednesday night she was back to sleeping through again. Hooray!

This was an extremely healthy lunch I ate on Thursday:


Leftover butterfly lamb salad with cucumber and avocado.

Yesterday it was raining and, in lazy parent style, we took C to the Mall for the simple purpose of getting out of the house. We had some coffees and banana bread and she was pretty well behaved. I got some cute long sleeve tops from CottonOn. We were going to do some business at Medicare but their system was down so instead we went to Myer and picked up a few things from Natio.

I spent $55 or so and pretty sure I qualified for both gifts with purchase. But the Myer lady said I had to spend $87 to get it. That seems a bit steep for Natio but anyway. So I got this new polish in the GWP I did manage to get from her.


It looks quite peach in this photo but it’s actually baby pink.

When we got back home, the Little Girl crashed and slept for 3 hours!!


Sorry this is a little dark; obviously the blinds were closed and I did t use the flash. Apparently bum in the air is comfy. I had to wake her after 3 hours and she was still sound. The usual tickles on her cheek and arms didn’t stir her. I felt really bad taking out her dummy and picking her up when she looked so peaceful.

I made a leek and potato gratin to have with dinner last night.


Obviously loving the fact I own a mandolin and didn’t know it til last week.


My oven is grotty!

Today we did the groceries and C played in the Big Red Car.


Broom, broom.


BTW, yes that looks like a PJ top because it is, Daddy dressed her today.

Versatile Blogger

I don’t normally do blog award because I’m lazy. But this one made me really happy because I was nominated by Vanessa at Beyond Confessions – a fellow mummy from my real life life.

I was really excited to read V’s blog and if you read her journey you will see why. It’s a great blog and beautifully written. I have tears.

I’m not going to nominate because everyone in my blogroll has already been nominated before. I will post the 7 things (you probably didn’t already know) about me:

  1. I love being at work but I love being at home. I feel like my life has the perfect balance.
  2. I’m thinking about going back blonde so that I match my daughter.
  3. I couldn’t agree more with everything in this post from Blithely Unaware.
  4. I’m a uni drop-out.
  5. I could eat my bodyweight in prawns and Rose Marie sauce right now.
  6. I get annoyed when people who are more educated than me don’t know diddly about spelling and grammar and don’t care. Everyone should want to improve their communiation skills. You can’t communicate too effectively. That’s the importance of grammar and spelling!
  7. I’m scared of riding a horse. I want to but I’m scared of falling off. Don’t laugh!