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With more food…

I clearly remember that when I was in my early 20s that birthdays meant excessive drinking and subsequent hangovers. I don’t really remember most them as a result.

I do remember my 27th was a nostalgic night out in Newcastle and a combined farewell as we were flying out to London the week after. My 28th I was 5 months pregnant and we had a picnic in London’s Hyde Park. I kicked a football around in flipflops. But mostly I remember the food. I ate so much!!! But that was a big feature of my whole pregnancy.

Last year was a low-key midweek birthday too. But I did have dinner and drinks with the girls a few weekends after. It was probably my first big night out since having Charlotte.

Last night D and I had a Special Dinner. Before you have kids these kinds of dinners aren’t that special, you can have them anytime you want. But, post-baby, the organisation required in the lead up to a Special Dinner is so labour-intensive you tend to avoid Special Dinners.

So D’s special treat for me was organising Charlotte for last night. I had no idea what was happening. This was pretty hard for me. I’m a bit of a control-freak about some things and I like knowing that everything has been organised. So it was good for me to let go for a time and knowing I can trust hubby to sort it all for me.

So I left work at 5 on the dot and enjoyed a super quick bus trip home to an empty house. I was suspicious. But I had to jump in the shower and shave my legs for the first time in 4 years. Don’t worry, D hasn’t been sleeping next to gorilla-legs for our whole marriage, I’m a waxer. And I remember why. The effort of shaving legs in a smooth-sided shower is ridonk. But one does not wear Louboutins with hairy legs.

D saunters in at 6.30 sans daughter and I’m like WTF? What have you done with our child? He’s all, relax, she’s safe. It was infuriating. Finally it’s revealed that she is staying with her Aunty and Cousin and had a great afternoon playing. Sneaky bugger! So, not only did we have a proper Special Grown Up Dinner but we also got a sleep in! I think that was almost the better present!

Anywho! We went to Pilu at Freshwater. I was decidedly over-dressed for a Friday night:


You may remember this Charlie Brown dress from every after five event I’ve been to since having C. That’s because it’s black and stretchy. And it goes well with sparkly, designer shoes.

Sorry about the random pose; Australia’s Next Top Model I am not.

Here we are looking excited about our night ahead:


We started our meal with one of the best dry martinis I have ever had. Hendrix gin and Sardinian olives combine well.

I took only one photo at dinner because I’m old-fashioned like that.


This is the degustation menu. We had eight courses as we started with a Sardinian flat bread and honey-ricotta aperitif at the recommendation of our host. It was a great start to the meal and went really well with the martini. But gosh I was full by the end of the night.

I love tasting menus with wine pairings. This menu was particularly well done. I enjoyed all the wines by themselves but at each course I found that the food brought out the best in each wine and vice versa.

Having spent some time in Italy, we were really interested to know more about Sardinia. Our sommelier gave us a great overview of the island, the different regions within, the wine-growing conditions and cultural influences on the cuisine. Everyone in the restaurant was very knowledgeable about the foods and wines. We felt our service was equally wam and welcoming. It was a lovely evening.

I’m meeting a group of friends at the pub later today. So the celebrations continue.


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I was truly spoilt yesterday with birthday messages and surprise presents.

I forgot to post this photo yesterday. My mum surprised me with a silver locket when I saw her on the weekend.


I’m wearing it today too. It’s the perfect length. I’ve been needing to print photos for a while. Hopefully a locket will be a good motivator.

Today’s outfit:


Zara blouse
Supre singlet
River Island jeans
Faith boots (purchased in the UK for the bargain basement price of £50 from their closing down sale)

I’m also wearing a belt with jeans which is unlike me. I found it in my cupboard. I think it came with something but I’m not sure what. Meh! Talk about shopping my wardrobe.

So back to last night. I got home early enough to spend lots of time with a tired and cranky Little Girl. She didn’t want to give me hugs or kisses. She wanted to read her books. All 500 of them! 😦 She went to bed early as she was rubbing her eyes and couldn’t stop yawning.

I received a lovely surprise box that was waiting for me when I got home. My friend Nat had called earlier to say that something was delivered and they’d left it inside the foyer. Thankfully I have very honest neighbours. Inside the box:


The roses are giving off a gorgeous scent and they really gussied up the table:


After polishing off my bottle of Veuve, a dozen oysters and some seafood risotto I was completely stuffed. Still managed to find room for a cheese course and some Terra Felix Shiraz Viognier:


All in all I had a fantastic birthday!

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It’s My Birthday

WARNING: absolute narcissism and princess-like content to follow.

I’m absolutely overwhelmed with all the love I have already received this morning. I have some truly wonderful friends and family!

Received some beautiful cards and a nice orange box:


Received breakfast in bed and lots of spontaneous kisses from the Little Girl.

Got dressed up


Took some photos with my ‘gifts’ including a sparkly pair of red-soled shoes:


And enjoying the sunshine on the bus to work.

Happy hump day to all!

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