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Feeling better

I’ve heard the weather in Sydney on the weekend was gorgeous. We wouldn’t know as we decided to be together as a family in sickness.

Little Miss C has been on the mend but was being dosed every three hours and crashed out early both days.

Poor D was at death’s door! He really tried on Saturday and we had shifts watching the Little Girl. But Sunday he was worse. I had a terrible start to the day and we were out of tissues, drugs, juice and fruit. So I nagged D to go to the shops. I couldn’t tell he was struggling and I feel awful about it now. Eventually I cracked it and went to the shops with unwashed hair in a slept-on plait, uggs, ratty grey trackies and my cashmere jumper! I looked like I had the plague and people took a wide berth.

Although I must say it was the most successful shopping trip. I got some juices including pineapple which sorted my throat out, D replenished his blood sugar with some tinned fruit and we both felt better from some panadol and tea. By Sunday night he was even well enough to stay up and watch the F1.

So I hope everyone had a much nicer weekend than we did.

D stayed home yesterday as the Little Girl was still not herself. C insisted on helping daddy with work:


Notice the MacBook doesn’t have a space bar?

Thankfully we’re all much better now besides the associated sniffles, coughs and croaky voices.


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Meals in pictures

Little C is not well. I’m feeling very guilty and heading off to work this morning was really hard! My only consolation is that she is in good hands with her Daddy who is not cheap with the cuddles and kisses. Hopefully three more days at home to rest will be enough to have her on the mend.

In other news, I have a backlog of food photos. One of the joys for me of working in the city is access to an abundance of good lunch options. I declared yesterday that I would happily eat Japanese 5 days a week. It’s true!

If you’ve ever been to Nazimi on York Street you would know how good this was:


I wouldn’t say it was a budget lunch choice at $18 but it came with miso and salad.

On the Saturday of the long weekend I cooked a laksa for lunch:


Just cos. I didn’t make enough soup so it’s a little chunky. Also, our pasta bowls don’t really cut it volume-wise. I just haven’t found the right noodle bowls yet and I’m not 100% sure where I have space for them in the cupboards.

Another great lunch option, Home Thai on Clarence St toward China Town. Pad see yew:


I can’t recommend this place enough! Most meals are under $10 and I love the open kitchen! Our lunch club at work go every week, no joke.

Another favourite is Menya Noodles next to the Shelly on the corner Kent and Market. They do a great chilli beef ramen!

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Despite being quite good at writing my blog on the bus, I’ve been a bit slack lately. Sorry about that!

This week the Little Girl has been really sick. D stayed home with her on Tuesday and I worked from home on Wednesday. We thought she was ok this morning; her temp was fine, she was a little quiet but mostly back to herself. And she must have been ok most of the day because I didn’t get a call from daycare until almost 5pm. They were pretty panicky and gave D a fair bit of attitude when he finally was able to pick her up. We took her to the dr but by then her temp had dropped. She’s obviously not well but the crazy attitude of the people at daycare was ridiculous! We were made to feel like bad parents because it took us 45 minutes to go and get her. As if I don’t feel guilty enough!

Here she is having a bottle last night:


I was doing the matchy matchy thing again. It was fun!

I have some cute photos from happier times. Here she is eating dinner with Daddy:


She has a lovey now; a soft dolly that came with pram she got for Christmas. It’s so cute. She takes dolly to bed with her and carries her around during the day.


This was obviously taken on the weekend prior to not feeling so well:


She was showing off blowing raspberries on the inside of her toy box because I was taking photos.

Excuse the bathrobe and a bit too much of my thighs in this next one – it was taken on Sunday morning. More showing off after the raspberries:


Hopefully, she’ll get some good rest tonight and D will stay home with her again tomorrow. I’m umming and ahring about going to the footy with my team tomorrow. Not sure how much fun I’ll have if I’m worried about the Little Girl. 😦

Can’t wait for the weekend! Hope everyone has a good one!

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