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C has started getting really good at the whole fork/spoon thing. Apparently this has been going on for a while but with my commute I usually miss dinner time. It’s very cute.


And in it goes!


The weather has been gorgeous in Sydney lately! I love the combination of sunny days, blue skies and a bit of a chill. It’s got to be my favourite weather. Don’t like the cold, dark mornings though. It’s awfully hard to get up when it’s pre-dawn and so comfy under the doona.

I don’t like to post photos of C with a dummie in. She’s started being really devious, finding them hidden in her room and willfully refusing to give it up. I’m thinking about weaning her off it but don’t have the energy right now.

Anyway, I couldn’t get her to give up the ‘mimi’ for this photo.


Cool as a cucumber.


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Recent splurge

Husband look away now!

Kate Spade had a sale. So I broke my parcel forwarding cherry and splashed out on a dress and bag.


Stefania dress in cream and midnight


Montrose Elena in navy patent

I hope it isn’t as black as it appears in this photo.

I only wish I had been able to purchase when the AUD was worth more!

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It got to 5pm before I realised I hadn’t organised anything for dinner. The Vogue Forums came through for me with inspiration and I went to Woolies for the five ingredients for this dish:

Nigella Lawson’s Spanish Chicken


We used free range lovely legs, one red onion, 500gm potatoes, 250gm chorizo and dried thyme instead of oregano. Seriously easy, chuck everything in a pan and bake for 1 hour stirring once.

D did all the chopping for me while I smothered my daughter in kisses for 30 minutes. She giggles when I kiss her ears so I do it a lot. She’s also very clever and points to things when you say “Where’s your nose?” or “belly?”



Served it with steamed broccoli and some more of that great Verdelho courtesy of my dad. It was delish and the house still smells great hours later.

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My husband wins hands down. Sorry. I know I write a lot of these posts but I had such a lovely weekend.

I came home from High Tea on Saturday and he’d cleaned the house, done the washing, occupied the Little Girl AND THEN he cooked an amazing seafood risotto for dinner that went so well with an easy-drinking Hunter Valley Verdelho my dad had given us to try.

THEN, I got to sleep in til 8:30am for Mothers’ Day. I was woken by a Little Girl who had a beautiful card she made at daycare and bagels for breakfast.

We had a nice morning at the Mall for coffees and a spot of shopping. Everything went downhill from there but that wasn’t D’s fault. The poor Little Girl couldn’t sleep because she was coughing and spluttering and the rest of the day was a bit difficult. Otherwise, a great weekend!

I have been going to the gym of an evening during the week. D has been really supportive; nagging me to go and encouraging and rewarding me when I do go.

Tonight, he made our favourite salmon dinner:


Beautiful presentation!

It’s the small things that make me feel so lucky. Love you, Husband!

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