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Independent play

Cutest thing ever:


That tongue is permanently between those little lips when concentrating on an important task like running, climbing or lining up toys on a flat surface. If you know my Father in Law well you know where this habit has come from. D is guilty of it too when he’s concentrating. It’s just unfortunate I don’t have the photos on my phone to prove it.

Happy Monday all!


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Finally catching up!

After a busy week at work before Easter and a serious virus that knocked me for six over the long weekend, I’m finally back!

Thanks for all the comments and I’m loving everyone’s latest posts!

Good Friday morning was the last time I felt ok. We went to the beach and C was so excited!


Before Easter it was our 3 year wedding anniversary; THREE YEARS! I know we’ve done a lot in that time but gosh it
makes me feel like time is slipping through my fingers.

Mid-week anniversary meant that it was take away and a Tas sparkling on the evening after work.


Didn’t even bother to tidy the background.

To celebrate ‘properly’ we having date night at the theatre this Thursday. Bell is doing Macbeth at the Opera House. Miss Holly is doing the night time routine with C and we’re meeting at Opera Bar for drinks and pizza before the show. Macbeth is my favourite Shakespeare so I’m pretty excited!

In other news, I’ve gone mad buying nail polish and make up. Oz Sale
and Brands Exclusive have had a few good sales lately. I’m also quite seriously looking at this Vila dress on Asos and some navy rights to match.


What do you think? I’m worried about the orange/red but it’s so cheap it might be worth the risk.

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