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I had the best sleep last night! The little things make me happy nowadays. The Little Girl hasn’t been sleeping well at all lately but Monday night and last night were good sleeps. Sleeping through til close enough to 6am – what a good girl!

I’m wearing this Zara dress today:


This is a pic of me trying it on last week. It’s a real wrap dress so I need to be careful how I sit. I’m thinking about buying a slip for it as I have to wear a singlet under it anyway.

I made the best dinner last night and forgot to take photos! Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Last week and Monday, D had to do a lot of running around with the Little Girl for a follow up with the paed.

Here she is playing with the toys at the radiology place:


On Monday, the paed said everything with her hips is perfect! So all the drama with the Pavlik harness and weekly physio appointments when she was little was worth it. He did a full check up and she’s a little under 10kgs and about 80cms. I’ve got my money on her being at least 5’10” but D is saying 6 foot! She is definitely ballerina material.


You can see how much of a string bean she is just like her Daddy.

This was taken at the park for E’s 30th. It was British themed so I made Lady Grey cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and ‘lavender’ sprinkles.


These are probably the prettiest cupcakes I’ve ever made (despite the hurriedly applied buttercream). I thought the flavour was a bit too strong and wouldn’t use all 6 tea bags next time.

So glad we made it to the beach and park on Saturday since the weather today is so rubbish!


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Random Tapas Feast

In the week later tradition of my blog, here’s some pics of our tapas dinner from last weekend (not the one just gone):


Sangria made with raspberries, mint, triple sec and merlot.


Peri peri pork loin, garlic mushrooms and crispy potatoes with Greek yogurt on the side (really help cut through the richness of everything else)


Blue cheese salad with crispy leaves, walnuts and cucumber


Cute photo of the Little Girl trying out her cousin’s bike yesterday! This photo made my day yesterday when I was at work.

Top of 32 in Sydney today so everyone stay cool!

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Quick outfit post

I finally found an outfit suitable for my strings of freshwater pearls:


You can’t really see them but they look great! 😉

Witchery top
Zara trousers
Miss Shop bow flats to be replaced with blush pink Nine West peep toes circa 2008 aka my wedding shoes!

I hate this rain but at least it’s not too muggy! Have a fab Tuesday. Maybe see you for drinks later tonight!

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Last weekend

Obviously I meant to put this post together last Sunday but after my productive afternoon I was good for nothing but Grand Designs and bed.

We’ve been doing our groceries on Sunday. I looked everywhere for free-range chicken pieces to no avail, so I cut up a whole chicken into pieces to marinate. This is my organised freezer complete with marinated chicken pieces:


This is what I did with the bones and bits left over:


Now my freezer looks less organised since its full of little tubs of frozen stock.

In the spirit of thrifty cooking, I made a zucchini and rice slice. Here’s the rice bit:


I’m not very good at remembering to photograph each step of my cooking process. Here’s our dinner (including the zucchini and rice slice)


I’ll let you in on a secret, I put grated carrot in the zucchini and rice slice too, for the added veg factor. But zucchini and carrot and rice slice doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The slice cost me less than $5 to make and served three adult meals and five baby meals. That’s pretty thrifty indeed!

Here’s the Little Girl eating her slice. She’s craning her neck so that she can watch the Night Garden. That’s what I get for being in her way!


At this rate, I’m sure to post the photos from this weekend by the end of the month! Hope you all had a great weekend.

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Disclaimer: this post is a blatant attempt to win a year’s worth of shoes from Style Tread. If you have a blog too, enter here.

I’m subscribed to Style Tread’s email newsletter for a few reasons. The first being that they have excellent email creatives so make good examples to show my clients in that industry. The second reason is that they are getting in new stock all the time and have such a great range of shoes. I lose hours browsing the Style Tread website!

As previously demonstrated, I have a fair few pair of shoes. But I’m always in the market for more! In particular, I’m after some cute but practical flats to wear casually as well as on the commute to and from work. Heels plus the City does not equal a good result for my dodgy ankles.

I am drawn to these Diana Ferraris. I like the embellishment on the toe as I find plain toes to be quite boring on a flat and make my feet look BIG!

Source: styletread.com.au via superluminous on Pinterest

I also like these red Walnut classic ballet flats above. Especially as I will (hopefully) soon be the proud owner of a new red bag.

Diana Ferrari is my favourite brand on Style Tread, especially for this kind of shoe. I already have the Diana Ferrari Abelia in a metallic pink. I also think the taupe is a far more practical finish. I do already have a pair of red patent shoes after all!

I am torn. Help me decide!

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Lazy, lazy, lazy


Came home to this lovely surprise yesterday. Not only is D a world-class husband and father, he is also generous and spontaneous. Love you baby!

We had the most low key V day; cheese, champagne, Vietnamese beef salad and The Hang Over on TV. Am I lazy or what?


This is a self take of me dicking around after a few glasses of champagne.


Lazy outfit photo. You can even see D in the background getting the Little Girl ready for daycare.

Lazy outfit too. It’s amazing how a pair of black skinny jeans can make you feel so good about yourself. On Tuesday I was wearing my Hugo Boss jersey wrap dress and caught a glance of my huge wobbly arse in the lift mirror. But in my $50 Forever New jeggings I feel a million bucks! That would be right!


Leftover slow cooked lamb korma at my desk – lazy lunch too.

Happy Wednesday people!

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Blog from the bus

Day 4: Casual Friday


I tried to get my earrings in this one. Thought about a necklace but went for heavy earrings instead.

H&M top
River Island jeans
Miss Shop bow flats

Working is hard, I’d forgotten. Thankfully, the Little Girl has been amazing and sleeping through til 5-6am. This morning she slept in our bed for an hour while I showered and ate breakfast. So peaceful!

Try as I might I can’t get to bed earlier than 10:30, and usually asleep by midnight. Then up at 6am to wash my hair.


Coffee is my lifesaver!

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