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The Friday before last I spent the day doing this:


A bit devastated with this book; my favourite characters are not doing so well.

Lots of other far more interesting things have been happening lately but I have no pictures to attest for it.

My husband was in a wedding the weekend before last and we got some family photos but they haven’t been downloaded yet. Baby C attended the ceremony only and mummy and daddy had an extremely fun night! (Special thanks to Aunty Al for babysitting.) There is nothing like good wine, good company and a great live band to get things going! A sneak peek of the professional photos showed how great everything looks when it’s raining.

With the public holiday and some time off work for D, we’ve spent the week since the wedding catching up with friends and family. On Wednesday, we visited my grandmother and enjoyed a great spread of cold meat and salad for lunch (including a glass of wine and trifle for dessert!) Afterwards, Baby C got lots of cuddles and kisses from my friends in Newcastle and their gorgeous little puppy.

It was the perfect time for D to have off because our Little Girl has started walking!!! The last two weeks she has taken a step or two independently but yesterday she was literally walking the length of the apartment all by herself. She looks a little drunken and has lots of stumbles but she’s now a Toddler!

In addition to learning to walk by herself, Baby C has two new teeth and a nice flu that she shared with us last week. I spent Friday in bed. D tried to push through but I sent him to bed yesterday and he’s feeling ok and back at work today.

I felt fine yesterday but after being woken every two hours last night (due to aforementioned teeth) I feel pretty awful today.

Oh, and after being mildly concerned that the Little Girl’s speech was slow she has started saying lots of words in the past week. In addition to variations of mum, mummy, dada, daddy, she’s getting much better at saying ‘ta’ when prompted. She says ‘go’ when it’s time to go to daycare while also trying to grab her backpack and drag daddy out the door. She also likes to climb on my lap and play ‘row, row, row your boat’ and tells me so by saying ‘row, row, row’.

Leaps and bounds!


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I love celebrating! I especially love celebrating the engagement of a lovely, dear friend and her lovely Englishman. Of course, we have celebrated this news with them before with champagne and more champagne and dinner and jumping up and down and squealing in public. But it was so wonderful to attend their own special event, complete with adorable, in-joke cake and even more champagne.

I wore an old dress that’s has special significance to me. And my new shoes!


Baby C wanted to know why mummy was taking photos not of her.


Check this adorabubble cake from Sucre Cakes by Maly

The Little Girl spent the day charming the hell out of people with her waving and general cuteness.


I love this photo of the back of Miss Holly’s hair; so pretty!

It was such a great day! Not too hot, not raining and catching up with great mates.


But most of all I was just happy to be celebrating with my beautiful friend.

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Outfit post

Off to lunch with a dear friend in Manly today. Gorgeous day for it and I’m in my favourite summer outfit:


Portmans dress
SES cardigan
Miss Shop flats
Jewelry from Nutrimetics

I’m in the mood for juice and salad.

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After D received 600g of Toblerone for Christmas, I was feeling inspired to make a Toblerone flavoured dessert of some kind and turned to my old friend the cheesecake. Nigella Lawson has posted on her website that the Kraft Toblerone Cheesecake recipe is tried and tested. She also added a few suggestions which I included in my version.



200g plain chocolate biscuit crumbs
80g butter
1/4 cup ground almonds (optional)
500g block PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
1/2 cup caster sugar
200g TOBLERONE* Milk or Dark Chocolate, melted
300g thickened cream

Like any cheesecake, start by making your biscuit crumbs, I then add softened butter to the processor until you get a mixture the consistency of wet sand. If using the ground almonds (I was going to but forgot to include them), you might need to mix the three ingredients together in a large bowl.

Press the crumbs into a lined springform pan over the bottom and sides to form your crust. Leave the base to chill in the fridge while you make your filling.


Break up the Toblerone and melt over a bay Marie. Whip your cream cheese and sugar until smooth then slowly beat in half the cream and the chocolate.

Poor the mixture into the chilled base and return to the fridge for at least three hours.

Nigella recommends chilling your chocolate bowl in the fridge too. Once set you can scrape the chocolate out of the bowl making nice flakes for topping the cheesecake.


The cream topping is optional but I found the top of my cheesecake didn’t set smooth so used the cream to make it a little more presentable. Whip the remaining cream and some icing sugar together until soft peaks form. Top your cheesecake with whipped cream and chocolate flakes. Chill for another hour before serving.


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Christmas Day 2011

It was a long time ago now but we had a quiet Christmas Day at home this year – just the three of us. It was so relaxing!

Here are a few happy snaps:


The Christmas tree in all it’s boring, under-decorated glory. It had more baubles but between the Kitty and the Little Girl the tree was quiet bare by Christmas morning.


My amazing husband set and decorated the table while I was napping.


Baby C loving her newly acquired present-opening skillz.


Totally stoked with her Duplo box.


Y’all know Christmas is a Kitty’s favourite time of year too!


“Lego is totally awesssss, Mummy!”


First Course


Main Course (that case of Janzs took a real hit during the holiday period)


After lunch, we took a break with a swim at the beach. Baby C ate a kilo of sand and then chucked a tanty when I tried to put her under the outdoor shower (too cold for this princess). But it was a beautiful day and I’m loving my new Freya bikini from Asos.com


Dessert – White Chocolate Cheesecake (I took half of this to mum’s day after Boxing Day – in case you were thinking we ate the whole cheesecake ourselves. Although, we could have. This is one dessert my hubby actually likes.)

One of the best Christmas Days ever!

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