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Cotton On Kids

Edited as Baby C hit the publish button before I had finished typing the title. Cheaky Monkey!

I’m normally quite good at ducking in to Cotton On Kids and leaving empty handed. But on Saturday they were having 30% off store wide including already reduced items.

This is my haul:


From top right: long-sleeved stripey all-in-one, pink floral and pink spot t-shirts, tulle layer skirt (fully lined), light pink ruffle bottom tights and blue and green floral tights. All for around $60.

I also got a beach towel to wrap up as part of Baby C’s Christmas present.

Where do you get your cute baby clothes?


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I went to a combined 30th Wedding anniversary and 50th birthday party for family friends of D. I wore my LBD for the first time in over 2 years. I love this dress!


Excuse the skeptical face. D took this pic with my iPhone and I couldn’t work out if I was supposed to still be smiling of if he had taken the shot already.

It was a great night with a live band! I drove so I only had a half glass of sparkly and orange. Still did a bit of dancing with the MIL and had a laugh. The Little Girl slept in the corner for a few hours but woke up during the speeches and wouldn’t go back down.

This is what I wore to work last week:


Yes, that’s a Winter outfit and I was still cold! Why didn’t we just stay in London?

Yesterday I treated myself to a Japanese lunch. I ate in the restaurant by myself so they seated me by the door. ūüė¶ I ordered green tea to keep me warm:


The food was excellent so I will be back. As usual, scoffed the whole plate before I thought of taking a photo.

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Timing is everything

This is a bit of a work post but some of you might find it interesting. I got some good feedback on a psychology of marketing article I posted on my Facebook.

24 hour timeline of internet usage
5-7am breakfast – laptop and tablet
7-9am commute – mobile devices (includes tablet)
9am – 5pm – mostly desktop PCs with mobile device spike around lunch time
5-7pm commute – mobile devices
7-10pm – latop and home desktops
From 10pm – mobile devices

What does this mean for marketers?
A good time to send B2C emails is 7am-9am or 5pm-7pm IF you have optimised your landing pages for mobile.

B2B emails can go out between 9.30am and 4.30pm BUT it depends on your audience. If you’re targetting professionals like accountants and lawyers or even small business owners, try sending your emails during ‘overtime’ 5pm and 7pm. This would be especially clever if you’re selling takeaway.

For Facebook campaigns, it’s important to remember that custom tabs are not support on mobile devices. If you’re running a B2C competition on Facebook via a custom tab, promoting this via your wall and via email should be timed for 9am – 5pm and sschedule a reminder for after 7pm.

If you optimise your content for mobile, you can promote this well during the commutes and publish on Twitter and Facebook.

And finally, if you decide to promote a shoe sale via Facebook and Twitter, my advice would be to keep your sysadmins on call so if you’re website dies you don’t lose thousands of dollars in sales.

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that I ordered an Alex Perry dress from Ozsale.com.au.

Isn't it beautiful?

As is common with these discount warehouse websites, the order was unfulfilled. ūüė¶ I am pretty disappointed. Especially as the only other order I have made from Ozsale had one unfulfilled item – the item I had ordered for myself! The rest of the order was Christmas gifts. So I guess I’m lucky I still have the gifts.

I have been trying to get as¬†much of my Christmas shopping done as possible before the last minute. I’ve been lucky to accidently encounter some sales that helped me along in this regard. All the kids¬†have been done for weeks!

Yesterday,¬†I completed some shopping at Chatswood Chase for the rest of the family. I also ordered some things online that I can only hope and pray will come in time.¬†Forgive me for being vague but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for my family. I can only share the following recent purchases as they are all for ME!!!!

Two pairs of el cheapo River Island skinny jeans:

Pink Jeans - risky but we'll see

Classic Indigo

This will go well with the pink jeans (hopefully) :

Oasis sequin t-shirt

A pink spotty bikini – I’ve been after one for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages!!!

Freya bikini sold as separates

I wonder if the bikini also comes with built in Photoshop so my skin looks as flawless as the model…

And a pair of leather sandals. I have my fingers crossed about these as the Asos shoe sizing is hit and miss.

Asos Flossy Sandals

I originally had my eye on these sandals from Forever New:

I tried them on yesterday¬†after delaying¬†plans to purchase online. SO GLAD I waited and tried them on. They are a beautiful shoe IRL but the cut just doesn’t fit my foot. I have a very wide size¬†AU7 or 38 and I couldn’t get the second strap over the widest part of my foot. I was so depressed. Stupid feet!¬†Luckily I was shopping with Miss Holly who has really similar feet to mine and blamed the design of the shoe so I didn’t feel so bad.

The Asos order also included a shirt and boxers for Hubby.

We ordered a new Christmas tree from bigw.com.au but it hasn’t arrived yet. We really should wait until the last of the family birthdays before it goes up. It might be a job for¬†one night next week. Is your Christmas tree up yet? Do you celebrate a retail Christmas or wait until 1 December?

Images courtesy or Asos.com and Forevernew.com.au

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I’m angry today

Jacinta Tynan should stick with reading from an autocue and forget about ‘writing’ articles. I guess I shouldn’t expect much from an ex Today Tonight presenter.

A recent article creditting Tynan as the author (but considering the state of journalism these days who really knows) that was publishing on essentialbaby.com.au talks about conflict as a result of having a baby. I was expecting an article on a variety of reasons for conflict within a partnership as a direct results of bringing a child into the relationship. Instead, I see generalisations branded as research*¬†and reinforcing¬†the usual ‘man does this/woman does this’ BS.

Now, I accept that there are some truths in gender stereotypes. But just remember that the words ‘many’ or even ‘majority’ do not represent the whole picture.

I find it particularly frustrating when women moan about men being “all the same” but then proceed to publish articles that¬†practically¬†encourage the¬†poor, useless¬†male stereotype. Sure, many men might take a back seat when it comes to parenting and expect their partner to do more than their fair share but there are also lots of men who do a great job supporting their partner.

Tynan’s article talks about men expecting little to no change in their ‘me time’ after having a child. I know that many women underestimate the changes to their lifestyle after having a baby. I’ll honestly raise my hand and admit I was one of those women. For me, it was the 6 month mark when Baby C didn’t just sleep in pram when we went out. Newborn babies seem so easy compared to 6 month olds and beyond.

I also know that many laid-back and relaxed women become control freaks when they become mothers. It might be the out-of-control experience of labour that tips them over the edge, but all of a sudden they have to supervise every feed, bath and nappy-change. And if you don’t do it her way then you’re doing it wrong. No wonder some dad’s just throw their hands in the air and say ‘well, you do it yourself then!’.

There are lots of reasons for conflict after baby, lack of sleep makes people snappy, but not all of them comply with the rules of gender stereotyping.

I wish the Australian media would spend more time writing articles that challenge gender assumptions and less time publishing stuff they think we want to hear. And I don’t mean articles holding up the one stay at home dad in all of Sydney to the lofty heights of stardom. Because families with any stay at home parent are thin on the ground these days. But lots of dads work from home one day a week to look after their child. Other dads work permanent part time, contract or weekend/night shifts so they can do the school run.

The more articles that start normalising (rather than applauding) a family situation outside of the regular, the less selfish-childish men or martyred, bone-weary women we will have to put up with.

*The Relationship section of the Essential Baby Forum does not constitute research.

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