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Baby C rides a bike

We found out recently that the Little Girl has been using the push bikes at daycare. We visited Nanna and Pa’s place where we used the hand-me-down bike from Cousin Pat.


This makes a good noise!


Look at me!


What a pretty dress! Although a little long for such vigorous activity…


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Baby C Turns One!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Wow!

I love party planning and had been thinking about the details for a long time. I was very lucky that some details fell in place at the last minute.

Since we live in a two bedroom apartment, having several toddlers and many, many grown ups at our place wasn’t feasible. Luckily, I spotted a fenced play area near our house with picnic tables and gas BBQs. We scoped it out for weeks and realised that we would have to arrive early to stake out our spot. Also, the weather on the whole East of Australia was looking quite depressing until pretty much the eleventh hour.

I had also been suffering from a pretty awful virus in the week leading up to the date of the party. Thankfully I felt well enough to stay up til midnight baking the night before. Big shout out to my hubby who was feeling the way had earlier in the week but pushed through to help me.

Assuming the weather would be quite warm, I planned a menu of sandwiches, mini quiche served cold, fresh fruit and birthday cupcakes. Everything well down a treat and it was worth all the effort for these gleeful photos of the gorgeous birthday girl.


Baby C with her cousins. That’s me in the blue skirt.


Family photo


Party set up – I got the fabric bunting from Pink Frosting


This was the last thing I put together before leaving the house. It turned out pretty good considering I had no idea where to start!


Baby’s first cake




Thanks to everyone who came and to Miss Holly and Greg for taking photos.

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WordPress only works in IE

So I’ve been trying to post these photos for a week! WordPress, GAH!!!!

This is some amazing fried rice that I made:

To go with this awesome pork stir fry:

So there’s some blurry photos…

Yummy lamb with chips and a salad of baked beetroot, feta, rocket and olives.

An old favourite: Teriyaki salmon, Asian greens with oyster sauce and brown rice. I’m feel so healthy when I eat this.

Work outfit:

River Island top from Asos
Ojay skirt
Zu shoes


River Island was always super, duper busy at the London Westfield. I think it was their flagship store and they used to have a velvet rope where people would like up for over an hour to get inside the store. Pft!

I got lots of comments on my shoes. I got the idea of wearing them during the day from Lovely Jublies (although the lucky duck has the real things). Sequins during the day is a trend so I’m embracing it. You should totally wear your sparkly shoes to work too!

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Baby C does a self take

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Baby C grows up





Baby C loves pulling cards out of Daddy’s wallet; I think she inherited the shopping gene from me.

Love this face! She looks so much like her Daddy.

I’m obsessed with the back of her tiny neck. So cute and soft and little. Look at those little bubby curls.

The Little Girl looks so grown up here, eating her banana like a proper little girl.

She’s so independent sometimes; just playing by herself, chasing the Kitty or walking back and forth along the couch. But luckily for me she is also a sook that lives cuddles and kisses. So selfish I know, but I just love sitting with her on my lap reading books and talking quietly.

I need to get a good video of this dance she does to that Maroon5 song Channel 9 are using to promo Frozen Planet; cute times 1000.

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Facebook page

Dear Loyal Readers,

I have created a Facebook Page for my blog. Mostly for the purposes of social-marketing-type-research but also to eventually expand my blog a little bit.

Like me

Thanks in advance for your support.


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I’m sorry for my prolonged absence from posting. I am now working part time, three days per week in a job that I love! I’m working on a social media strategy paper for a company in St Leonards. I’ve also been contributing to the new website project, email marketing strategy and the new brand for their flagship product. It is exciting stuff!

Thank you to the lovely Sass & Spice who left me a comment a few weeks ago. Happy Birthday, Lily!

Now that being home two days per week I thought I would have time to blog but alas, it was not so! But my hubby will just have to remind me after Baby C’s bedtime that I am free to blog (rather than browse the internet and watch Desperate Housewives.)

I do have a few photos to share.

My birthday was at the beginning of July but I wasn’t able to get the girls together until the first weekend in August. Despite it being the weekend after my lovely husband’s birthday he agree to babysit while I went for dinner, drinks and dancing with my crew. Outfit photo:

My Review Luella skirt got another outing. I liked how my turquoise ring and bag offset the otherwise boring pink, black and neutral palette.

It was actually quite warm that night and I left my jacket at Miss Holly’s place.

We ate Wine Odyssey in the Rocks. They have quite a broad wine selection and have a sommelier on site. On the menu, they present a mini-degustation with matched wines called Wine Flights. I ordered the Vegetarian Wine Flight:


As usual, I didn’t pause long enough for a photo of my meal so this photo is courtesy of Miss Manda’s Facebook.

Overall, it was a good experience at Wine Odyssey. Not outstanding but it was reasonably price, the food was good and wine and company were equally excellent! The night ended in ironic dancing and laughing at ourselves at a nearby dive.

In recent news, I purchased this heavily discounted Alex Perry frock from Oz Sale:


I’m afraid my wardrobe will end up consisting of full skirts in various shades of rose pink. But hey, stick with what suits you!

I am going to wrap up with a few photos of Baby C into mischief as usual. She’s learnt to crawl properly now but spends more time on her feet leaning against the couch, TV unit, sub-woofer, high-chair or toy box:


She also likes to harass our cat:


I’m currently planning her 1st birthday and cannot believe how the time has flown!

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