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We’re taking our first holiday as a family of three on Friday. Good friends from London are getting married and we’re heading to Brisbane to see them tie the knot! I’ve heard it told that holidaying with children isn’t a holiday – it’s surviving in another place for a time. So I have low expectations of relaxing time. But I’m still looking forward to it.

At the very least I won’t be looking after a baby by myself for 12 hours a day like I am now. I’m feeling very exhausted by this Stay at Home Mum business. Honestly, single mums, I take my hat off to you. I don’t know how you do it!

Generally, Baby C is very well-behaved. She’s usually very laid back and will go with the flow. Most days she is a pleasure as we are in a little bit of a routine but she’s also pretty flexible as long as someone is paying attention to her.  We went to a BBQ on the weekend from about 5pm and left at about 10pm. Baby C had a nap before we left and 30 minutes while we were there. She was a little fussy by the time we left but while everyone was lavishing her with attention, all was well. It was a good practice run for the wedding. I’m still trying to work out what we’ll do. We’re getting picked up from our hotel at 2pm and we’re not leaving the wedding until 11.30pm. That’s a long time!

I’m sorry for the text heavy post. I haven’t taken very many pictures lately.

Last week I made this delicious dinner:

Quiche and Balsamic Tomato Salad

It was thrown together but turned out pretty good. This week I made the Fish Tray Bake from Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals. I even made the Salsa Verde for the potatoes. I didn’t make the Banoffee Pie but I will when bananas cost less than $486 a kilo.

Right now I’m enjoying this:


That’s my second big glass of wine and a fresh manicure. Other people say they will drink ‘anything but chardonnay’ but not me – I like a robust white wine. I also enjoy sauvignon blanc. What can I say? I have a sophisticated palate.

We made an appearance at our local discount liquor emporium for the purposes of buying a bottle of something for the aforementioned BBQ on Saturday only to find they were having a tasting and wines were heavily discounted. We bought a mixed case of six. I drank the bottle of Jansz to myself (almost) on Saturday. Apparently it tastes creamy and fizzy (rather than bubbly like other sparkling wines) because it is brewed using the Champagne method. I liked it!

We also stocked up on the Jacobs Creek Reserve range at $11 a bottle. The regular JC branded wines are horrid but the Reserve range is an affordable easy option when buying a wine for everyday* drinking. We have already finished the Shiraz and I’m really enjoying the Chardonnay.

Another wine we purchased was a Penfolds Thomas someone Cabernet Sauvignon. I also tried the Bin 4 something Cabernet Sauvignon which was being offered for the special price of $39.95 per bottle (in a case of 6). The Thomas What’s-his-name was about $14 per bottle. While the Bin range was tasty – it was not $25 tastier.

I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of the wines after our sojourn in QLD. I will blog holiday news on my return.

*By everyday, I don’t mean I drink wine everyday. I mean for a glass of wine with dinner when you are at home in your PJs. Drink responsibly kids.


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