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I just went out to the shops for a few last minute things. It. Is. Mental! If you need anything, go NOW while you still can!

  • Portmans cropped cardigan
  • H&M T
  • Sportsgirl jeans
  • Wittner shoes

I picked up hot cross buns; six traditional and six choc-chip, some whole rainbow trout for tomorrow night, bits and pieces for The Best Vegetarian Lasagne for tonight, vanilla ice cream to accompany the apple pie I intend to make tomorrow and some naughtiness; Red Rock Deli chips.

I am rereading The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje after seeing the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine gets dumped because she hates the movie. The movie is stunning but the book is breath-taking!

How do you translate a paragraphs such as this to film:

“He slips into the harness of the oil-wet parachute and pivots upside down, breaking free of glass, wind flinging his body back. Then his legs are free of everything, and he is in the air, bright, not knowing why he is bright until he realises he is on fire.”

The writing stays with you. It is descriptive prose with minute detail and beautiful metaphors.

Much of the book is comprised of descriptions of the desert; two pages dedicated to the names of each desert wind and their differences. It is evocative. I didn’t take much notice of the desert when we were in Egypt but it brings it back to you; the dry air, the vastness, so much like the ocean. I remember D climbed to the top of a dune on the edge of the Nile while I waited in the felucca.

At the top, besides the Nile delta he said it was just desert as far as you could see. Even that simple image is dramatic and oppressive.

I really enjoy reading fantasy fiction but literature is inspiring. My mission: to join the library and to read more Ondaatje, especially his poetry. I can only imagine how gorgeous his writing would be in verse as I can’t seem to find an example online.

Does anyone have any other recommendations when I go to the library?


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I came out this morning for last minute groceries and didn’t want to wait til this afternoon just in case it got craaaaazy!

But I got as far as the coffee shop. Baby C deserves a mention too as she is awesome!

Excited about the looooong weekend?



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Monday is always a bit of a write off as I get up in the early morning to retrieve our Aussie Farmers order. Baby C usually feeds 12am, 3am and 6am give or take so after the 3am feed I change her, put her back to bed and then run downstairs for the cooler bag. After unpacking the order to the fridge I usually return to bed until the next feed at 6am. This Monday Baby C was generous enough to go back to sleep after the 6am feed and I got to sleep in til 10am! Luckiest mum ever!

So I wore this:

  • Portmans T
  • Adidas yoga pants

And did housework all day. Sooooo much washing!

Tuesday we were having guests for dinner so I ran out for some groceries.

  • Portmans Pea Coat
  • H&M Garden Collection top
  • Sportsgirl jeans
  • Pulp shoes

I’ll be honest with you, it turned out to be such a nice day I took the coat off on the way back from the shops.

I had to go to the Post Office as the parcel post had carded another package on Monday even though I was home all day. He said he was there between 10 and 2 so I was definitely awake. Grrrr. I reckon he’s just too lazy to even bother buzzing the intercomm, lazy so-and-so!

Anyway, it turned out to be my new nappies from Itti Bitti. They’ve just been washed so I will take photos tomorrow. I love how these are an Australian invention by a lady from Newcastle. Although they are now made in China.

Miss Holly and her lovely Englishman came for dinner. We just threw some burgers on the BBQ and ate some Lindt chocolate bunnies for dessert but it was all very delish. They brought a smooth Barossa red that we polished off quite easily between the four of us. Baby C was angel as usual although she did wake up just as were about to sit down.

This morning I hauled myself out of bed and went for a walk around 10ish. It was such a good morning for it. The rest of the day is bumming about catching up on my blog, washing and waiting for Aussie Farmers fruit and veg delivery.

  • Portmans cropped cardigan
  • H&M longline racer back singlet
  • H&M tights

Footwear of choice:

I made the mistake of regularly wearing my dark wash jeans with my uggs and now the outside looks like a coalminer’s face. 😦

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Our little family had a wonderful morning today!

Baby C slept in her new cot for the first time last night. She slept spectacularly with feeds at 12am and 3am. When I woke at 715am I asked D to check in on her and she was just waking up and chilling out in her room.

I wore:

  • Portmans Pea Coat
  • Portmans longsleeved tshirt
  • Witchery jeans
  • Pulp shoes


  • Nina Ricci wallet
  • Diva cocktail ring
  • Usual wedding/engagement rings

I managed to paint my nails while Baby C had a nap. This is Nails Inc in Mink. I got it free with UK InStyle last summer when Chanel Particuliere was popular.

We ate brunch with our lovely friends Sara and Johan at Wild Water Grill on Dee Why Beach. The Campos coffee was fantastic as usual. D and I both ate the Spanish omlette and really enjoyed it. Sara loved her Italian scrambled eggs and declared that Wild Water Grill was her new favourite breakfast place. The service was excellent; the waitress patient and attentive. Our coffees and food were both punctual although I think this is because we sat down shortly after 9am.

Our friends spoiled us with some yummy Max Brenner chocolates and a cute top for Baby C:

I am very excited about Sara’s new business, Fortuna Feng Shui. I will definitely be asking for a consult once we have finished our Big Decluttering Project of Mass Proportions. But most of all, I’m just happy my friend has found her calling.

And now for some extraneous photos of a very cute Baby C.

Helping Daddy in the study

Helping Daddy in the study

Reading a story with Mummy before naptime

Reading a story with Mummy before naptime

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This morning we had M come over to our place for coffee. D ran downstairs to the local Toby Estate place for some takeaways. It was nice to have girly chats and show off my little girl.

I wore:

  • Portmans longsleeve tshirt
  • Portmans pointelle cardigan
  • Sportsgirl jeans
  • Pulp shoes

After lunch, we went to Coles for a few cupboard food things, salad, mushrooms and Easter eggs. Yum!

It was a bit cool so I dressed Baby C in this pink little outfit we received from D’s aunty.

Isn’t she cute? I can’t believe it but it’s already kinda small. Until this week, it has been too warm for the jacket. The pants fit well but I can see her legs are a little too long. They look more like capri pants than trousers on her. Baby C gets these long limbs from her daddy, not me!

This afternoon involves more unpacking, washing, sorting and general tidying. What are your plans for Saturday night?

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Do you find a high percentage of your wardrobe is made up of items from one shop or brand? Every time I walk into Portmans I buy something. Every season I love everything in the store! Although I can’t buy everything as some things just won’t suit me.

For example, this roll neck sweater.

Image courtesy of http://www.portmans.com.au

So today I walked away with some nice basics for Winter.

When I arrived home I realised I had a lot of items from Portmans. 12 if you count my three new items. Although this is all I can find. I suspect I have more in my vacuum bag of work clothes.

I have so many Portmans clothes that I have decided to do a ‘Shop your own wardrobe’ challenge. My challenge is to wear at least one Portmans item every day for a month, starting today Friday 15 April.

Here are the items:

Today’s outfit: 

  • Portmans cropped cardigan beige
  • Cotton on black singlet
  • Sportsgirl jeans
  • Silver Havaianas

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As promised, I cooked up a feast last night using some of my Aussie Farmers Direct goodies.

Fresh from the BBQ and oven.

Served French-style with dijon and mayo

We used:

3 x sirloin steaks (one leftover as they were too manage 1.5 each)

Desiree chats baked with rosemary and brown onion

Salad made with green oak and red oak lettuce, apple cucumber, cherry tomatoes and red capsicum.

I normally buy S&W mayonnaise as it says on the label it is made with cage free eggs. The Ethical Consumer Guide says it’s ok (Australian owned) but on the label it says made in the USA. I guess I should just make my own as I need it. What mayo do you use?

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