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Missing London

It might be the boredom of the Central Coast but I’ve been missing London lately. I guess it’s just a case of the grass is always greener… I remembered Australia with rose-coloured glasses when we were away and now I’m thinking London is where I want to be.

For one, I’m sure coffees were cheaper before we left. We have had A LOT of sun lately. Apparently this September was the coldest in Sydney in 5 years but we’ve been loving it! It was sunny almost everyday, you don’t get that in London.

But things I miss about London:

  • all the amazing new friends we made, of course! Hello eCircle, hello Keith Grove – you know who you guys are.
  • the Tube – we waited 20 minutes for a train at St Leonards the other day – 20 minutes!!!!
  • H&M: cheap, fairly good quality, so much variety, baby clothes, menswear all in one store.
  • Westfield, yes, yes it’s an Aussie mall but the one in London is frickin’ HUGE!
  • Boots, who doesn’t love Boots?
  • Flying to Paris for the weekend.
  • The V&A and British Museums – and free!
  • GBK and Fire & Stone vouchers.
  • Off-licences and being able to buy wine in the same shop as your groceries. And the price of booze for that matter. Stupid wine equalisation tax!
  • Central heating in winter and trekking through freshly fallen snow on your way to work.

So London wasn’t all bad. We had a great lifestyle even when I was pregnant it was a great city to get about in. I never complained there was nothing to do.


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