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Persian Restaurant

After our trip to Egypt earlier this year, D and I were keen to try some more Middle Eastern food. Our flatmate, having an Iranian friend, invited us to join them for what can only be described as a feast.

We started with five dips and two baskets of the beautiful flat bread ‘home’ made by the restaurant. The dips were Maast-o-Moseer, Burani Spinach, Hummus, Mirza Qasemi and Kashk-e-Bademjan. Well the hummus was hummus but fresh tasting and lovely. I really enjoyed the Burani spinach which was creamy without being rich. The last two dips are both aubergine and both great. Although one of them was more popular with the table. I think it was Mirza Qasemi, served warm and tasted of tomatoes and spice.

This was D’s meal, two types of lamb served with saffron rice. He was so full he declined to try mine until I insisted and then he had food envy.

This was our lovely flatmate C, who loves her food but was beaten by this huge meal. Although her plate was virtually empty compared to some.

Our flatmate DK had troubles finishing this as you can probably imagine. Inside that mammoth pile of rice and barberries is a large chicken haunch slow-cooked in a tomato and spice broth which was served on the side.

I didn’t get a photo of Majit’s meal although his was a lamb shank meal served similarly to the photo above.

I chose this meal because it sounded hearty and was a more traditional Persian dish. In the silver pot was slow-cooked lamb with potato, tomatoes and beans. The broth was poured out by our host into the bowl on the tray. I then used the mallet-type thingy to mash the potato, tomato and beans and ate with the bread.

I didn’t end up touching the salad as it’s not recommended during pregnancy, although it looked delicious and was made up of verious traditional herbs and radishes.

The broth was amazing. It was the most flavoursome food I have tried in a long time! I cleaned the bowl.

The lamb was melt-in-your-mouth delicious and obviously carried the same flavour of the broth. Definitely food envy material.

Between the starter and main, I ate so much flat bread I was incredibly full by the end of the meal but we had to try the beautifully presented desserts.

This wasn’t the nicest Baklawa I’ve ever tried but it was freshly made.

I loved this. It was rosewater ice with noodle-type things. Fresh.

Apparently this man on the glass owns the rights to china in Iran and so his face has to be on all the dishes and glasses.

I’m glad I tried this although I didn’t really enjoy it. I love saffron dishes but in ice cream it was just a bit ‘weird’.

All in all, I was completely stuffed by the time we left for home. The restaurant has gorgeous interiors and the chairs and table are made with polished hardwood.

Zeytoon Afghan and Persian Cuisine, Cricklewood Broadway, London.


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