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My lack of posting has been due to major distractions. My maternity leave starts shortly so watch out!

In the meantime, and due to very high demand, I’ve put together a quick pictorial post of the Progress of the Bump.

Since it’s my first pregnancy, I didn’t really start showing until 16 weeks. Not to mention the horrendously late-start to the Summer meant I was still covering up until early June. At almost 17 weeks I had developed this cute little bump:

17 weeks

8 June 2010

Please excuse the fuzzy iPhone snaps.

18 weeks

16 June 2010

19 weeks

23 June 2010

Hubby and I took a baby-moon to Paris the last weekend in June. It was gorgeously hot and I looked like this:

19 weeks

26 June 2010

Fast forward a couple of weeks and vuala!

21 weeks

12 July 2010

This was in Florence. Hopefully I will have a chance to write about our amazing trip around Northern Italy sometime over the weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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