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Well, today it’s been a year since our wedding and what an amazing year! We’ve achieved so much in that time and I can firmly say that being married to my husband is the best. Someone wise once told me that marriage changes everything; it’s completely different to just being a couple or living together. I think this is very wise and very true. Being married is ‘safer’ which sound boring but if you’re a Cancerian, home-body like me you’ll know what I mean. It’s also a beginning; a new life, a new family, a future. How exciting! The feeling of newlyweddedness still makes me giddy. But, at the same time, our relationship is reassuringly the same as it always was. It’s being friends and having excitement and being silly together and having the same opinions and liking the same things. That’s not to say it’s not hard. I was saying to a colleague this morning that D has selective deafness but he needs it to be married to me. 🙂

I also wanted to reflect on our Wedding day itself. Because, hey, who doesn’t like to reminece? And I had such an amazing day with all the inevitable Highs and Lows.

The morning of the wedding started very early for me. And I hate getting up early. I was really worried about the rain as we were marrying in the garden on the lawn. It had rained heavily during the night and the lawn was going to be boggy.

Also, I was nervous. Very nervous. So I was a little snappy.

I had three wonderful bridesmaids and two close-close friends staying with me. And my Grandma, of course! My amazing hairdresser (who has known me longer than my now husband) did a spectacular job on our hair. Who needs a trial?

Bridal Party Hair

My hairclip was commissioned Etsy. Some nice lady in America made it for me.

I loved my shoes! Didnt take them off the whole day. They got wrecked in the mud but I still wear them.

My shoes

Amarinthine in Newcastle did a great job on our flowers – they were exactly what I wanted!

My bouquet

I’m just going to show off my dress now. After all the hassles, thank goodness it turned tops in the photos!

My dress

My dress

This is a good one of our ceremony. It was boggy but the grass looked gorgeous. It was a pity there weren’t more chairs available but it was short and sweet.


Here is another of my favourite photos.


The table settings were simple but I think they turned out great.

Arty shot

We didn’t have a bridal table. I didn’t like the idea of holding court over my guests. No one thinks about the origins of that tradition.

Check out our awesome guests.

_DSC0171bs pano

I loved our speeches. We powered through them after dinner as we didn’t want to bore our guests. I hate speeches at weddings that aren’t about the bride and groom. Or plain boring speeches that don’t consider the entertainment value of the content. Our speeches were all simple. Some were funny and mildly embaressing. My husband’s speech was beautiful and so sweet. I was pretty drunk after many glasses of Veuve Cliquot and pinched his bum in front of everyone. Blush.

It was a good day. Here’s the only successful Vogue shot of the day.


Photos in positions 4 through to 9 (from the top) by Jake Thomas. Amazing man!


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I had the worst four day week at work! I was supposed to be wrapping up all of my projects so I could hand over while I’m away next week. Instead, I was taking care of my colleague’s clients; answering his phone all week and dealing with his work all day Thursday. It was a nightmare! Now, I’ve been stressing that nothing will be taken care of properly while I’m away. I slept really poorly last night and it’s made me very grumpy.

The highlight of my week was receiving Blog of the Week from Jade. I’ve been following Jade for a few months via a link from the Vogue Forum. I started reading her blog from the very first post and couldn’t help but feel a kindred spirit.

Today we went to Westfield to run errands before our trip tomorrow. We spent over £50 at Boots; half of which was spent on sunscreen. We also saw the new Clash of the Titans movie in 3D. It was pretty lame. The action scenes were really good but I didn’t really like the characters and there was a lot of forced comic relief.

I just finished a really good book called The Russian Concubine. I found it in the house book shelf. I assumed it was going to be fairly trashy but it was actually a good read. The title is misleading and the blurb contains only a passing resemblance to the actual plot line. It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised by a novel.

We’re going to Egypt tomorrow! D is fluttering about being organised while I’m telling him what the plan is for tomorrow. Why do airlines still tell you to be at the airport 3 hours before your flight? It’s really unnecessary! We’re aiming to be at Heathrow a little more than 2 hours before the flight with plenty of time built in for delays. I can’t see how this isn’t early enough. D is worried and will try to make me leave earlier tomorrow, I can tell.

It’s our first wedding anniversary on Sunday! D wants to buy me a present but I thought our trip was the present. He’s too sweet!

Happy Easter everyone!

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