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My husband

I really, truly-ruley love my husband. He is awesome!

He’s tidy when I’m messy but not annoyingly tidy. He ignores me when I have a ‘mood’. He makes me laugh at his rants and his cute sayings and his funny faces. Also, he’s funny when he tries to dance.

He makes great risotto.

This one is chilli seafood. Jamie Oliver taught him how to make it via the internet only he made it better!

On Sunday, my husband made me basil pesto risotto. It was yummo but I didn’t take a photo. It was green.

I think he takes really good photos. He made my hair look thick and healthy in this photo

I’m super proud of him. He had his three month review at work this week. He did really well! Everyone at work thinks he’s great. I think he makes a really good project manager. He’s organised and efficient. He likes to do things right the first time. He’s very patient and methodical. Also, his concentration face looks very serious; I can see it when I look over my screen at his desk.

We’ve been married for 50 weeks. This is one of my favourite, arty-type photos of us.


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Weekend Out and About

Hubby and I were very active on the weekend. Not only did we wash our clothes and our sheets, clean our room and the kitchen, we also saw London-stuff!

D wanted to take his new camera out for a spin so we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum at South Kensington. He is very arty and took the following photos:

The Theatre Exhibit was especially interesting. We spent much time wandering about looking at photos, video, costumes and set designs. Must book a West End Show!

This man looked very real (except how he is all stone and only a bust).

That was Saturday and we followed our much wondering around a museum with much food for dinner and movies that start with ‘Up’.

We watched ‘Up in the Air’ before dinner. It was sad and interesting and very well acted. It won awards. I liked that the ending was not happy.

‘Up’ has a very sad start but was very cute and also belly-ache funny. “Point” and “Squirrel” is what dogs would say if they could really talk. I liked that it was not a usual Disney-type movie.

Then we had a Sunday Roast in honour of our friend Sarah who can no longer partake in Sunday Roasts as she has been exhiled to Australia. 😦

It was served on a board with Yorkshire Puddings, roast potatoes, a terrine of balsamic veges and a very generous gravy boat. Our plates weren’t warmed though. Our mouths were full before we realised we didn’t take a photo. *nom nom*

‘Men Who Stare at Goats’ is also quite hilarious. It was a weekend of unusual films.

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