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Adventures in food

In the interest of demonstrating that I am, indeed, alive and well I have been taking photos of our adventures. Said adventures mostly involve eating and drinking.

Firstly, I went out on a limb and booked a restaurant on Toptable.com on the basis that the pictures looked good and the food was 50% off. We arrived to the restaurant/bar and were impressed with the exterior.

‘This is a bit fancy’, I said. Luckily we have 50% off.

We were meeting up with friends from Australia. The lovely Kelsi and her hubby who we had not met before. It was a great night. Quiet because it was a Monday, but drinks were had and the food was delish! The service was rubbish but that’s ok when you just want to catch up.

This Monday we visited our favourite wood-fired pizza place, Fire & Stone at Westfield, with our two for £10 voucher, of course!

Hubby powered through his Morrocan lamb pizza before I took a picture. But here is my blue cheese and mushroom:

Fire & Stone

Accompanied by our favourite house red, Red Fuzion Tempranillo and Malbec:

My favourite winter staple is a version of my grandma’s cock-a-leeky soup recipe. Grandma taught me how to make soup when I was about 18 and I use that knowledge all the time. Of course, I take short cuts. Like using a concentrated stock. Last night I forgot the barley so this batch will be a little less hearty.

Whole free range chicken
Chicken stock
Curly parsley
Barley (pre-soaked for at least two hours)
Vegetables (I add courgette, carrot and mushrooms)
Salt and pepper to taste

Here’s the before shot:

Poach the chicken in chicken stock with salt and pepper and this time I added left-over rosemary. I think this really added something and will probably use it all the time.

When cooked through, remove chicken from the stock and fish out all the rosemary stalks.

Soften the vegetables in butter and garlic:

And then add to the stock. Simmer for 20 minutes or until cooked as desired.

Remove the chicken meat from the bones and return to the stock. Turn off heat and then add the chopped parsley.

And after:

Yummy for quick and easy lunch and dinners. Filling and includes 3 out of your 5 a day.


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