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Dear Urban Outfitters:

Tights are not pants.

Source: http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/Silence-+-Noise-Basic-Denim-Leggings/invt/5743412473532&bklist=

That is all.

Your Customer with Taste

P.S. Your website look likes it was designed in MS Word.


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Coffee and TV*

Due to a combo of events (Amsterdam stuckage, Christmas/New Years drinking, 2 people travelling daily on the tube) and surviving on one income, hubby and I are what Australian’s call povo. So we’re not doing much at the moment. Watching TV and cooking mostly. I’ve also started reading some other people’s blogs so hope to have some inspiration for daily posts on here. ūüôā

We had some beef mince in the freezer and I wanted to make a shepherd’s pie. But I was told by a colleague I could only make shepherd’s pie with lamb mince. So we made cottage pie to a sherpherd’s pie recipe (with extra worcestershire sauce). Was so impressed with myself I took a photo:

Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie

The best thing about UK TV is the voice-overs. We watch Come Dine with Me on Channel 4. It’s a reality show where a group of strangers take turns to host a dinner party and then score each other. The narration is done by the usual Channel 4 voice-over guy who clearly has a license to be sarcastic. This man is hilarious! He’s so mean. When he does voice-over for the programming promos he is equally as sarcastic. It makes TV fun.

*Blur is awesome.

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Daily Grind

I will endeavour to be more proactive with blogging. I WILL endeavour to be more proactive with blogging. I WILL!

Pros and cons of life in London so far:


  • Husband
  • It’s still all new
  • Job opportunities
  • We’ll only a hop, skip, jump from a weekend in Paris or similar
  • The tube rocks!
  • More choice (food, shops, jobs, people, transport)


  • I¬† miss my kitty (oh, and my family, of couse, hi dad!)
  • I have few friends
  • Everyone is out for themselves
  • My job sucks
  • Everything is expensive

I’m upbeat at the moment. Even about the weather. It’s been mostly over zero for a few days this week.

We had a great holiday over Christmas. Food, wine, company, relaxing days doing nothing, too much gin.

Work really isn’t that bad. I’ve achieved a lot and my feedback was good. The company is in a really bad place and all the senior management are in denial. I just hope they hold it together long enough that husband will enjoy working there.

I promise to post something again soon.

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