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Weather nonsense

It was 4 degrees when I left for work this morning. FOUR DEGREES!!! That’s the same temperature of the coldest morning I experienced at 5.30am in the dead of the Australian winter. It’s Autumn and it was 8am!

I actually don’t mind the cold that much. What I don’t like is when the heating isn’t set up properly. Our radiators don’t come on in the morning til after 7am but the towel racks are on. I hate at work how the office is warm but the bathrooms are not. Why is it always the bathrooms? Bathrooms are for getting naked – why would they not be heated?!

I like the soft rain. Grandma calls it Scotch Mist. When the rain isn’t so much falling as forming in the air around you. I walked home from the tube station in this last week. It was relatively warm because there was cloud-cover all day and I was wearing my overcoat. But the water on my face was refreshing and brisk. It just makes you feel alive.


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