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Continued from work drinks on Friday night…

To cut a really long story short, we arrived home quite late (and quite drunk) to find random people in our house that we had never met before. This was weird because we had just asked our flatmates to let us know (even via text the day of) if people would be staying. As we were quite drunk and quite shocked to find these people in our house we asked them who they were and when we found out they knew our flatmates, we said ‘ok, fine’ and went to bed. Apparently this behaviour made these people feel very unwelcome and they complained to our flatmates. Flatmates then banged on our door at about 10am the next morning to have a go at us about this, an argument ensued etc. Subsequent abusive and rude text messages resulted in a complete break-down in the relationship and we decided a move was necessary.

Luckily, we found a great place in Shepherd’s Bush. It’s a big share-house with nine people, four bathrooms, giant eat-in-kitchen/laundry area and a lounge with freeview. We’ve temporarily moved into one room with the view to moving into a double room with ensuite when it becomes available in about a week.¬† The rooms are all lockable and after living there for the weekend we’ve only met half the residents. This is fine by us. We’re happy to sit in the lounge and watch TV but we’re also glad to have our own space where we can watch movies on the laptop and have husband/wife time. A huge plus is also a cleaner than comes in each week to do the bathrooms, kitchen, vacuuming, dusting etc. which will take a big stress off living with so many people.

In more pleasant news, when we were still living in Fulham, we finally went for dinner at the Japanese place in Putney that we had been planning to try. It was typical of a Japanese restaurant; busy, service was slowish but pleasant. But the food was lovely; sushi was incredibly fresh (the rice was room temp – not hot or cold), the wine was great, and the noodles we had for main were fabulous! Oh, and it wasn’t more expensive than any other restaurant in Putney. We’ll definitely be returning. We then went for a drink at the B@1 but, being Saturday night, it was packed! There was literally no room to stand and you had to jostle all the patrons to get your drinks away from the bar. Hubby hates in Britain how people love to just sit at the bar and drink their drink even when it’s that crowded. He grumbles so much about it. ūüôā But the B@1 has such a great atmosphere – I love going to the bar and ordering the drinks and watching the bartenders deal with a million cranky, pouting Brits, waving their money at them, all with a smile and a joke. Anyway, hubby was cranky that it was so noisy so we drank our mojitos and left.


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I have a lot to update. Sorry for the long delay!

Last week was a great week! Started out pretty simply, a nice dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen with my husband. We found a voucher for two burgers, two drinks and fries for 15 pounds. I had the blue cheese and hubby had the mexican – both washed down with a glass of the house red. It’s pretty cool that the house wines over here are always nice; drinkable and still cheap. In Australia, housewine = swill.

Thanks to my Twitter feed, I found out that Funeral for a Friend were in London playing on Wednesday. I didn’t realise their gig was going to be at a reasonable distance from work/home. So I booked last minute tickets – hooray! They played at the Koko in Camden. It’s just an amazing venue! It’s like a bigger, more Bohemian version of the Gaelic Club. Suspended from the red roof (and I mean RED) is this giant disco ball – I would say it’s about SMART-car-sized. It was in full use throughout the night and gave the lighting a nice whimsical feel. We were on the first mezzanine level (there were three) and the sound was excellent! Most punk concerts (unless well sound-checked) are just noisy and you can’t hear lyrics. Last time we saw FFAF at some crappy small venue at the entertainment-quarter-previously-known-as-Fox-Studios, the sound bounced off the wood flooring and you couldn’t hear anything except guitar and drums. At Koko, you could hear every word, every bass line, every guitar solo. Like with all FFAF gigs the atmosphere was awesome – everyone was friendly and the crowd were just mental! When we were at that time in the song where everyone is pointing and yelling the words, the WHOLE mosh pit was doing that – not just the first three rows of people.

On Thursday I met up some girls at the B@1 in Covent Garden for happy hour. The B@1 is great! Hubby and I have been to Hammersmith and Putney as well. It’s a cocktail bar only, set up by a couple of dudes and they have expanded to a few different venues throughout the city. All the bars have this cool vibe, funky pop music and the bartenders are those kind of showy, dancey, singy kind of people that are fun to watch make your mojito. There were that two girls I met up with, one Aussie and a Kiwi, both have been here a while. It was nice to hear their perspectives and experiences and recommendations. We hit Pizza Express for dinner (with another voucher) and then caught our respective buses/tubes home by 9.30.

After work drinks on Friday was to be big due to some colleagues’ birthdays. We always go down to the Hat and Tun (literally next to our office) on Fridays but this was supposed to be one of those BIG NIGHTS. So, of course, it was a bit disappointing. The bit at the Hat and Tun was nice. I met heaps more of my colleagues (especially from Floor 2 as I work on Floor 4 and don’t get to see many of them). Hubby met us there and we had a few. ūüôā But because it was supposed to be a BIG NIGHT we had to move onto the next place. You know that’s always a bad sign. If you’re having fun where you are why do you have to leave? But we had to follow the crowd and paid 4 pounds each to get into the karaoke bar that was supposed to be awesome. It was sad. Lame. Empty. Expensive. The highlight was some Asian dude’s version of ‘Everyting I do, I do it for you’. That’s not a typo. We left at about 1130 for the last tube home and a pit stop at Maccas.

To be continued…

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Settling in

I hate being the newbie. Monday through Wednesday were really hard! I had to learn a new (and bloody complex)¬†system, I had to learn 40 new names and I had to absorb all of this high level information in a new industry. I’m exhausted!

It’s bad too because everyone on my team is really busy so I feel like I’m bothering them by asking questions, I can’t help them with¬†much of their work and I don’t really know much about what I’m talking about.

I had my first client meeting yesterday (Thursday)¬†and I felt completely out of my depth. We have clients (from self-service¬†right through to fully managed)¬†but we also¬†have clients who are agencies who then¬†have clients. Yesterday we were meeting with an agency so they knew what they were talking about. So I’m sitting in a room with four people who all know what they’re talking about and I’m¬†thinking “I know the words but they don’t make any sense” (I hear Buffy quotes in my head sometimes).

But Friday was good. I was doing a lot of revision and found that I understood how to make stuff work. I attended an internal meeting that actually made sense to me. I even asked a series of follow up questions and that lead to a discussion of stuff that I actually contributed to and understood. Yay for me!

But I also have ‘home work’. ūüė¶¬†Easy stuff really.¬† I have to organise myself a work Oyster card to track all my client-related travel on and I have to learn some¬†Photoshop basics. Not in any way hard stuff to do but homework = crap.

Dennis is sick (poor baby) so I made a stir fry with lots of greens and chilli and garlic to pep him up a bit. I added the juice of half an orange to the mix as I had seen it in other recipes. It¬†constituted the sweet in the¬†‘sweet, salty and spicy rule’¬† and turned out quite nice. It didn’t taste ‘orangy’ as such but it made it taste more authentic. Authentically what I can’t quite say, maybe Thai, but it was far better than the crappy Chinese food I had for lunch.

I’m very excited about Gabby and Rhys’ new arrival, Patrick! Cutest baby ever!

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