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No longer unemployed…

Today was my first day at work. I’m tired! ūüė¶

The office is in this great building¬†near Hatton Garden. It’s a small building, I think it’s a converted warehouse. The company is spread over two floors and my desk is on the top floor. The high ceilings have windows so there’s heaps of light and it’s airy. The people are really welcoming but very English; proper; uptight; kinda cold but not in a mean or¬†distant way. There were a couple of nice girls and the guys on my team are all real lads = not horrible.

I had a really dull day; reading software manuals, lots of boring small talk, basic level software training, screwing around with the demo system and then basically wasting time. Tomorrow, however, will be full on. The company has their annual conference and there will be lots of presentations, meeting clients, drinking brewed coffee (bleh!) and then more software training in the evening.

So, I also had my first real taste of commuting in London today and it’s really just the same as Sydney. There are people that stink so badly of smoke/BO/cheap perfume that you dry retch. People get cranky when you ask them to move their stuff off the seat so you can sit down. Some chick even read her newspaper on MY lap! She actually held it more in my personal space than in her own. WTF?! But generally, thanks to my ipod (Taking Back Sunday, Pacifier, Placebo and Fucked Up!)¬†and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies it wasn’t so bad.


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One Short Rant

The first thing you notice about London is the smell; garbage. I’m not saying that London is a lot dirtier than Sydney, but Sydney smells like the beach and coffee and Australian local councils have somehow worked out an efficient¬†system for garbage collection without making residents pay council tax. In London, you pay¬†a large sum in¬†council tax each month and there’s always this permeating¬†smell of rubbish! WTF?

We’ve been here almost eight weeks and for a while I didn’t really notice the pollution. It didn’t really seem any worse than Sydney to me. Then I started to notice that I needed my allergy spray every day and my throat¬†gets¬†quite sore when we’re outside. From the London¬†Eye it looks like there are heaps of trees, and there are, but there are also heaps of Audis and BMWs and Mercs and¬†Aston Martins and¬†shitty little Mazda convertibles. Not to mention buses. At least the trains don’t smell like brake dust because they’re all underground. ūüôā

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The mixture of a large coffee at lunch and excitement about my new job resulted in a pretty restless night. At some point, about 3am, I started mentally writing a blog. So here I am. Dennis is going to build me a better theme.

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